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Whether it seems like a complete disaster or you've just got an everyday query, we're ready and waiting to get things sorted for you. In fact, our IT experts fix 80% of problems immediately over the phone.


If not we can send an engineer to you. But you'll never be charged until we've both agreed the best way to proceed. Our lines are open from 9am to 5.30pm, 7 days a week.



The problem could lie with your computer, internal telephone extension wiring or the way your broadband router is set up. Getting the best speed out of your broadband connection can take a professional touch. Let us get your broadband running at top speed.



A wireless home network is really handy, especially if you have portable devices like a laptop, tablet or mobile phone that you want to use in any room of the house. Sometimes it can help to have a professional around to get it set up correctly and make sure it's 100% secure.



Slow performance, missing files, your computer crashing, and annoying pop-ups can all be signs your computer has picked up a 'bug'. Our IT experts can help 'cure' viruses and spyware to make sure your computer is running at its best.



When you've purchased your brand new desktop or laptop computer, you want to ensure that it is setup correctly your own specifications. Our setup and installation service covers all makes and models. Our service also includes setting up your user accounts, email software and any devices such as printers that you have purchased with your computer.


If you are cautious of installing your new computer yourself, or just don’t have the time we can install it all from start to finish, including adding your printer, scanner etc. We are also able to transfer across files from your old computer, setup your email, iTunes or anything else you need to get up and running. We will then provide you with a brief demo of how to get started.



Our IT experts are full of handy tips and helpful advice, whether you've got a big problem or just a little query. Our knowledge spans far beyond the details on these pages.


If you've got an IT question, we've got the answer.



PCs are lasting longer than ever, but interest in upgrading them so that they last even longer, or can handle newer software, is still high. But to get the best bang for the buck from an upgrade you have to spend money wisely. Buying the wrong thing might not only give you nothing in return, but it could mean that you have to spend even more money.


We are an independent company we can offer you unbiased advice on what to buy next. Remember, we get to see the best and the worst of what’s out there!

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