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Hornet Systems Ltd specialises in providing computer services and products to small businesses and home users. We have a unique company structure aimed at giving our customers the best and most flexible service offering available in the industry. Not only will we visit you at your home or business premises but we can also provide instant support using our remote technology.


Our services range from one-off support and repairs, to specialist IT solutions and on-going service contracts. Our products range from entire office systems with networked servers to small items such as memory and cables.



We recognise that you want your technology to “just work”, enabling you or your business to benefit from its use rather than worrying about the technical detail. Our entire service is based on this premise. We will take total responsibility for the smooth running of your computer(s), so you don't have to.

The more specific reasons why you should use us are too numerous to list here. Please contact us if you require more details.



Yes, absolutely. You can either call us when you need us or you can take out one of our service agreements which include a quarterly on-site check as part of the service.


We offer a range of service agreements designed to accommodate the needs of everyone from the single PC home user to the small business running a server and number of networked PC’s. You are guaranteed instant response, including a remote dial in if required, and a number of inclusive on-site visits (depending on the service level you choose).


All our service agreements offer exceptional value for money and the added benefit of peace of mind knowing that you are covered in any eventuality.



Yes, we wouldn't have much of a business if we didn't!! All of our engineers can offer you advice on products and then deliver them to your home or business. Basically we can provide everything you could possibly need for your home or office computer set-up. If any extra configuration is required, that is all done here at our labs before shipping to you.


What’s even better is that we can provide you with a complete “no hassle” package including installation, set-up and on-going support.



We can arrange for one of our friendly and professional engineers to visit you at your home or business premises, often on the same day, or within 12 hours of the initial call being placed.


If you require immediate help, please do not hesitate to call us straight away on 01491 659030 and one of our support consultants will help make things better!!



Obviously if we could accurately tell you this here then our job would be a lot easier!! Although we can’t tell you what’s wrong we can suggest a few obvious things before you contact us. However, please be warned that if you don’t know what you’re doing then some of these could cause more damage so be very careful or just call us anyway (better to be safe than sorry!).

a) The PC is entirely dead – check that there is power to it. Plug another appliance into the same power socket and see if it works. If you are running your laptop from a battery then plug it into a mains socket to see if the battery has simply “run out of juice”. Check the fuse in the plug or use another power cable to make sure it’s not that causing the problem. If you’re using an extension lead then eliminate this as the problem by using another lead or by plugging your computer directly into the mains socket. If all of this doesn’t reveal an obvious problem then you probably need our help.

b) The keyboard is dead – re-boot the PC to make sure a particular program hasn’t stopped and made the keyboard appear to be dead. Borrow another keyboard from a friend or neighbour to see if this makes a difference. If this doesn’t reveal an obvious problem then you probably need our help.

c) The screen is dead – Check the power lead and mains socket that the monitor is plugged into as in point a) above. If possible, borrow another monitor from a friend or neighbour to see if that works. You can do this even for a laptop either as a temporary measure or to check whether it’s the screen or the hardware that the screen connects to inside the laptop. If this doesn’t help or reveal an obvious problem then you probably need our help.

d) Your internet connection keeps dropping or running slowly – this is usually either down to a modem problem or more likely, temporary problems with your Internet Service Provider. Before wasting money on getting expert support it is worth waiting a few hours (or, if you can afford to, a whole day) and trying again to see if the problem has “gone away”. If it hasn’t then contact your ISP to be sure they don’t have a problem. If all this doesn’t help then give us a call.

e) Your PC is “doing strange things” such as rebooting, running very slowly, popping up windows or programs that you have not requested - In this case your PC is probably infected by a computer virus and you probably need our help to remove it and secure your PC in the future.

If the above tips have not revealed a more obvious source for your computer problem, then contact us at your convenience and we will be more than happy to help.

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