• Clive Armstrong

Sync or swim

When HTC introduced its odd little Re camera in the fall the company promised live YouTube streaming as one of its upcoming features.

Now, a few months later, HTC is about to deliver, promising that the Re camera will gain its Youtube-streaming capability tomorrow, January 9.

The feature will arrive via an update to the Re's Androidapp, where users will be able to sign in with their YouTube accounts

iOS users will get the same treatment later this quarter, HTC said.

Up periscope!

Videos will stream live to users' channels, where they can be set to private or public and where they'll remain for future viewings after the live recording is over.

That's as long as you have a smartphone you can tether the Re camera to - and a data plan that can handle all that video being broadcast.

HTC is reportedly already planning a new Re camera, so there might be even more wide-angle periscope filming in your future.

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