• Clive Armstrong

Moto more customisable than Apple?

Motorola's Moto Maker service is a cool way of personalising your phone before it leaves the factory, and one of the company's executives has revealed the same idea might soon be applied to smartwatches too.

Chief Operating Officer Rick Osterloh said customisation options "could be" applied to devices like the Moto 360 in response to a question at CES 2015. "We have no major announcements in this area, but I think your intuition is very good," he said.

"We consider this to be the power alley of our strategy," Osterloh added, discussing customisation. "We're driving toward consumer choice because we think as these become more personal devices, this becomes increasingly important."

So there you have it: you "could be" soon choosing colour schemes, backings and finishes for your Motorola smartwatch rather than settling for the same look and design everyone else has. It would certainly help Motorola stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

Osterloh didn't reveal how many Moto 360s his company has shifted since its autumn launch, but he seemed upbeat about its performance. "We're happy with how it's gone so far," he said. "It's exceeded our expectations for how well the category would perform.

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