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Whether your business relies on a single personal computer or a fully commissioned network, Hornet Systems Ltd can provide you with the expert support and attention that your company deserves.


When your systems are down, the productivity of your company is reduced leaving you at a disadvantage.


Hornet Systems Ltd help ensure that your systems are continuously running so your company is operating at maximum efficiency.


We can offer one off ad-hoc support or alternatively you can take out a comprehensive tailored support contract, which includes remote, telephone and on-site support.



Our telephone support is offered at a fixed cost, which provides your team with help whenever and wherever they need it. Let Hornet Systems Ltd worry about your IT problems so that you and your staff can concentrate on their jobs.


The support we offer is always comprehensible enabling us to solve your computer problems instantly and easily. Hornet Systems Ltd's staff are always ready to take your calls and emails. They will advise you in an efficient but comprehensible manner. We are a friendly team who understand how frustrating systems can be if they are causing you a problem and we are always patient and sympathetic to you, our clients.


Your problem is our problem, and we will do what ever it takes to make sure your problem is fixed. You only have to relax while we deal with any other suppliers, manufacturers or service providers.



We can dial in remotely using our own remote desktop utility. All you have do to is concentrate on other work whilst we solve your problem.



When all else fails Hornet Systems Ltd will make sure that a qualified engineer is at your premises as promptly as you need them. We understand that when things go wrong your productivity is reduced and we will respond to your demands urgently and efficiently. Our onsite engineers are of course highly qualified and extremely experienced in troubleshooting.


Working with Hornet Systems Ltd means they will also be fully informed about your network and have access to all the necessary information, meaning you have the best engineer for your system.



Why? Because prevention is better then cure. Although we now have the technology to look after your system from our office, there are still vital maintenance tasks that should be carried out regularly. By sending an engineer to your location on a regular basis we can make sure your system is running perfectly, to prevent you from having to spend money on an expensive call out. How often Hornet Systems Ltd visit your company is up to you.



When at your place of work our staff are always courteous and well informed. All of Hornet Systems Ltd's employees respect your business needs, ensuring you're fully satisfied, is always our priority.

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